Headline News

2018-03-19, Canada
"The Canadian whistleblower at the centre of an international scandal that allegedly helped the Trump campaign capitalize politically" ... from the CBC!" Like the saying goes: "I may hve been born yesterday, but not last night."

2018-03-18, USA
"Jim Carrey slammed" "for 'disgraceful,' garish portrait of Sarah Sanders'" "Those without enough gray matter to understand the message, shoot the messenger."

2018-03-17, USA
"According to CNN, Lindsay Graham, a RINO from South Carolina, claims - again: " "Trump firing Mueller would be 'the beginning of the end of his presidency'" "We have a few 'CINO' types up here as well!"

2018-03-17, Ontario
"Surprise move to prorogue legislature before Monday's throne speech" "Wynne defends her move " "Hoping she can't spend anymore during this retreat to a government in limbo!"

2018-03-17, Canada
"Did Russia commit crimes in Britain? " "Likely, plausable the words our Liberal friends in the US use to crucify President Trump." "Yet the same words seem to suggest Putin should get a pass!!!"

2018-03-17, Peterborough
"Election 2018: What is Peterborough being told?" "Biased? " "Judge for yourself!"

2018-03-16, Ontario
"With Wynne taking a Reefer Madness tone, Doug Ford is voice of reason on marijuana" "according to the National Post and" "..... next week we will begin to see exactly how Premier Kathleen Wynne plans to buy off an electorate that polls suggest is properly and perhaps incurably sick of her."

2018-03-15, Canada
"Justin Trudeau, like Pierre" "is pro tax-and-spend, anti-business and anti-Alberta-oil according to the Financial Post." "Inheriting Stephen Harper government's zero-deficit balance sheet a little over two years ago, Trudeau's budgeted 2017 -18 deficit has rocketed to $18 billion!"

2018-03-14, UK / Russia
"Putin REJECTS British ultimatum on Russian spy attack" "Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova added nobody should threaten a nuclear power"

2018-03-14, Peterborough
"Canoe Museum aims to make area one-stop tourist attraction!" "Hopefully not by having public funds compete directly with local retailers and tourism businesses." Heh!!!

2018-03-14, UK / Russia
"Hurricane Theresa May strikes Russia!" "23 Russian spies from the UK booted." "Tough, new anti-Russian legislation."

2018-03-12, Ontario
"Doug Ford" "may lead to a Conservative victory." "Ontario, 2003 - 2018 RIP, healthy at birth, invalid at 15."

2018-03-12, USA
"FOX NEWS: Where's the Evidence?" "GOP-led House Intel finds no sign of collusion between Trump campaign and Russia"
"CNN NEWS: Where's the Evidence?" "House Republicans reach opposite conclusion from intelligence community"
This is the Intel Committee members, not the former Liberal (Democrats) Intel Community - so who do you believe?

2018-03-12, Peterborrough / Ajax
"Car jacking suspects in Ajax" "arrested in Peterborough standoff." "One has to wonder why such a fully armed response in residential areas when only two knives were involved. Easy to say I suppose when you're not the guy knocking on the door - but still?"

2018-03-09, Peterborrough
"PDI sale falls through" " Our opinion: those who proposed this sale should not be in office." "It, and all major projects need 100% voter input. Not one shareholder - State your case and let the Citizens decide - the REAL shareholders!"

2018-03-09, Ontario
"Ontario passes law overhauling policing rules in province" "Maybe, one police force for the province! Could solve a lot of problems?" "Rotate them every year or two."

2018-03-09, World
"Elon Musk siding with Trump over tariffs" "an American car going to China pays 25% import duty, but a Chinese car coming to the US only pays 2.5%". "??? Mr. Trudeau"

2018-03-08, Ontario
"Ontario Liberals believe voters can be bought again -- with their own money" The National Post says it as it is!. Figures don't lie and liars don't figure

2018-03-08, World
"UK officials say 21 people now being treated in ex-Russian spy poisoning" The plot thickens.. Why is Russia not isolated like NK?

2018-03-07, World
"Police say ex Russian Spy Sergei Skripal was poisoned with a nerve agent." The new assassination weapon it would seem. First Kim's half brother and now this guy.

2018-03-07, Ontario
"2 Durham Reginal police officers charged." Arrested and taken to the police station. "Shortly after an ambulance had to be called and the 35 year old man was diagnosed with a serious injury."

2018-03-06, Ontario
Overdose Prevention. Supervise them during illegal activities. "Maybe we can supervise burglers in their activities as well; more job creation, aka: vote purchasing."

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