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10/16/2019 - Sarah Krichel / Iain Sherriff-Scott - The Star

"Why Doug Ford's attack on student press is an attack on journalism as a whole "

"The original story is here .." Read more. OUR OPINION: Where we come from that is called freedom of choice! Just like in real life, whether you buy a newspaper or not is your decision, not the Governments. Doug Ford is correct in making it a choice, these student newspapers now serve the students not the institution.

10/13/2019 - Holly Christodoulou - Sun UK

"Super-size' class packs in SIXTY-SEVEN children with just one teacher"

"roadclyst Community Primary School in Devon has built a special room to accommodate its pupils - with an average class size of 42. .." Read more


Our Opinion: ELECTION NEWS - mostly "Lame Stream"

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party have had Scandal after scandal, not to mention the questionable $600,000,000 given to media companies just before the election. That is on top of the over ONE BILLION dollars the CBC receives. Deficits of Billions of Dollars that impact future generatios. One needs to be able to look past the current day's sunset to govern!
Was questionable too generous a term?
I see a photo on the frontpage of our local "newspaper" of PC Candidate, Michael Skinner, apparently having a drink in a limousine. Bet he remembered where he was born - wink, wink. A young man out celebrating something!
However, I have never seen the photos of Justin Trudeau at age 29 on the frontpage, who apparently on multiple occasions wore Black Face while amongst students he taught at a private school. Maybe helps to explain the India Trip fiasco.
Canada Post delivering flyers was questioned. It's to the consumer's advantage to get the flyer at least a day before the sale starts rather than the evening of the actual day. We envision Postal Rates coming down as the corporation picks up more business.

9/21/19 - Click here for the article.

Conrad Black on Trudeau and Canadian Politics

Our opinion: Regardless of your political view an article well worth reading by one of the very few, real reporters in Canada.

9/17/19 - Quotes from The Rebel Media Click here to view the story and video.

"CBC or Liberal war room?
Comparing Trudeau and Scheer coverage from the state broadcaster"

"On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we didn't have to look very far to find outrageous comparisons between how the CBC is covering Justin Trudeau's campaign trail compared to Andrew Scheer's".
"From choosing only the most flattering photos and reprinting word-for-word policy for the Liberals to spinning Andrew Scheer's reasonable statements until they're unrecognizable, the state broadcaster is doing everything in their power to make sure their party stays in power."
Our opninion: One has to wonder where the Governor General of Canada or the Senate stand on this disgraceful waste of public funds.

9/16/19 - Opinion

Fake News and Elections!

Contrary to what some might say the largest publishers of fake news are the news networks, not just newspapers. In most cases "eye, ear or click bait" headlines are used to pass on fake news. A simple sentence containing the fake message they want you to remember. Even if you read further the first part is usually loaded with innuendo instead of facts.
News Networks make these short statements with almost every story they report, so it's much easier for them to put out fake news.
Newsprint or social media, Both have a shelf life and can be easily fact checked. News networks simply move on and unless you record them or write down immediately what is said they are gone and the bait is in your thoughts.
Another "tell" is when stories start out positive about a person or party but end up giving more negative type statements as you read on or watch or listen. You can find this simple method of spreading fake news, almost, in all sources.

9/13/19 - According to taxpayer.com:

Did Trudeau keep his bigger promises?

"In the last election, Trudeau made a crystal clear promise:
"I am looking straight at Canadians and being honest the way I always have," said Trudeau during the 2015 election. "We've said we are committed to balanced budgets and we are. We will balance that budget in 2019."
Trudeau's 2019 budget has a $20-billion deficit."

9/11/19 - opinion

Should non-profit agencies be political?

You see more and more companies going political as the Federal Liberals are out their giving away hundreds of millions, of your money, to the news industry. The current group in Ottawa are running deficits beyond imagination or understanding into the billions of dollars.
Lots of non-profits, with massive executive cores and overheads, are jumping on the bandwagon to get involved. Many suffer from two tier overheads as they are supported by other non-profits, each of course with their own executives and overheads. It's become an industry gone wild and now getting political.

9/9/19 - opinion

Will it ever stop?

The complaints about Doug Ford and the Conservatives are becoming tiresome. With the cuts, no jobs that are important, will be lost.
Day Care will be replaced by home care just as it always was. Health will go on even without the many regional offices as they are centralized in one spot. Multiple and duplicate levels of management was never needed.
It will all be better as those new jobs will be taking some hard working low income families to new levels. Deserved Levels! Earned Levels! As important it will add to the Tax Pot instead of being a burden.
So let's hear it for lower taxes, more jobs and less pressure on many.

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