Central Ontario, Canada

Central Ontario, Regional Marketing

When a region is successful, all within are successful. For Central Ontario the catalyst that binds the region together are cottages and The Trent Severn Waterway. Both are huge attractions, we call the combination CottageCountryOntario.com. The Trent Severn Waterway is unique and rental cottages have become the norm. It's rare to find two fantastic resources like this that can be used to bind the entire region into a marketers dream. It's all here in your Central Ontario. It's easy to dream but the future belongs to those who act.

Central Ontario and the Counties plus The Trent Severn Waterway

Check regional and buy local when it's right to do so.

  • Buy local? Sure, when it makes sense to do so.

  • Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and the like are Canadian companies and locally owned and operated for sure, buy local there. Prices across Canada are basically the same or vary a little due to shipping costs.

  • Anything else is fair game for regional or even global. I use the 10% rule. If it saves only 10% or less online then buy locally.. More than 10% savings doesn't help the community at large, only one or a few individuals. If it makes you feel good, do so, but if not look around. Make them an offer of 10% over the price you found outside, basically take it or leave it.

  • I've seen local costs at 100% or more higher than even somewhere as close as the GTA. Is that being fair or do they only want you to be fair. Do as I say not as I do!

  • The answer back from them if you make an offer will be: Who's going to honour repairs? who's going to give you the facts? Your answer of course is you are; I'll continue to check you out to make sure you ARE treating me like a valuable customer and of course a piece of pie is better than no pie at all!

  • A good business asscociation is where you the consumer make a fair market purchase, at a fair price, and the seller makes a fair profit.

  • It's like charity organizations, most of the money goes into operating the organization. Executive Directors, Financial Managers, Department Managers and the list goes on. Your money pays their wages and wages down the chain with mere drops reaching those who need it. That's maybe where this mentality comes from, buy local at any cost.

  • Local Government never seems to have a decrease in taxes always an increase. Why? Provincial and Federal Governments on occasion are able to drop the taxes collected. Why can't local? Ask them. Even in this time of Industry Leaving, the last 20 years, private sector employees taking pay cuts to keep the company going, companies tightening their belts to keep the doors open and yet the local Public Sector just keep hiring, keeps pushing out wage and benefit increase well above inflation and simply spends and parties like Drunken Sailors. Why? Maybe start electing people with a business sense instead of an ego that requires double doors for them to enter.

  • Buy local when it makes sense to do so!